"B-RUSH" series
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B-RUSH is the new series I am currently working on. It is an allegory to our ever-developing consciousness, through the representation and re-shaping of diversity.

I have focussed on what I consider important, setting aside the decorative ornaments in the background, which I consider irrelevant or superfluous. Due to the hectic world we live in much of our work is incomplete and ‘rushed’. Using the white background, I have given the observer mental space, vital in this world of excess that we are currently living in “Simplicity” in face of a society increasingly “Complex”. 


The series is composed by two lines of work.

Firstly, the paintings with a single brush, stained with paint. I chose this fundamental object used by painters throughout history to accentuate its symbology and creative power. The brush is a unique tool that has persisted through the centuries, used by all the great masters to create their Art.

Secondly, the paintings with the female figures. They are “a painting within a painting”, as the hand of the artist is holding the brush and is painting the woman. This we can interpret as work in progress. A bold and penetrating look, as if it were through our own eyes. We can see the true reflection of the soul; souls that celebrate the different cultures from around the world and  embrace their unique ethnic diveristy.

Jessica Oliveras - Mexico B-RUSH 120x80c

"Mexico" ~ B-RUSH       150 x 120 cm - Oil on Belgian linen

Jessica Oliveras - Kings Blue Deep B-RUS

"Kings Blue Deep" ~ B-RUSH       120 x 80 cm - Oil on Belgian linen

Jessica Oliveras - Yemen B-RUSH 120x80cm

"Yemen" ~ B-RUSH       150 x 120 cm - Oil on Belgian linen

Close ups to appreciate the details and brushstrokes

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Cobalt Teal 120x80cm.jpg

"Cobalt Teal" ~ B-RUSH       120 x 80 cm - Oil on Belgian linen